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A good blend of expertise in technology (IT) and Insurance domain knowledge team came together with a vision to enable Insurance Agents to grow and sustain in the market. We started our services under the name of Assitance4agency LLC for Insurance Agent in 2009. During the course of business we developed a collaborative platform which helps the stakeholders for effective exchange of work. In 2015 this collaborative platform was formally launched as (Copyright) has been proving its brand name by ensuring the growth of Agency with our assistance. With an acquired expertise in data research, information processing, back end Analysis and premium calculation, our highly trained team performs as Remote Staffing (back office) and add value to your business. Providing agents vital time to provide personalized service to end customers & explore growth opportunities for your agency in terms of sales & expansion.

Technology Affiliates

Pi Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Pi Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a software firm based in Pune, India. Through their precise domain knowledge, firm grip on technology and round the clock service, they enrich’s all-round operations. Offering end-to-end IT solutions and a cost-effective global delivery model, they handle the complete background research for

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What is Growth for an Agency?

For any agency, the toughest and the most crucial part is acquiring new customers. So any agent would invest maximum amount of his/her time on this part of the business. He would carry out a thorough background research for the new customer, decide on the parameters that will affect his insurance and finally, give him convincing premium options. Growth is when this customer stays forever and his next premium becomes only a matter of follow up, renewal or a re-quote with minor adjustments. Most importantly, your commission remains the same even the next time and you invest more time in acquiring new customers.

How to ensure Growth?

Growth is not a moment or a sudden realization. It is a process designed with all-round considerations and impeccable domain knowledge. Once you convince your customer, the ensuing steps – background research, premium calculation, various entries, filling up applications etc – need to be carried out through a reliable and robust mechanism. This gives consistency to the operations and ensures trustworthy outcomes every time. steps in exactly at this crucial point to handle all you back office work and let you be free for new customers. Thus, insuring growth.


To begin with, your financial status keeps improving as your agency grows. But apart from this obvious advantage, your business becomes more substantial when its presence is registered across a plethora of customers. Growth also means you improve yourself with the technological advancements of the time.
With, we ensure every step you take is towards a better state. We at commit to provide you the best service through our highly trained team of analyst so you can get more time for sales & marketing while we take care of the pre-sale & Post sale needs. This provides you virtually unlimited opportunities to reach out to new customers by using traditional methods or explore new age marketing strategies to grow your business.


Agency Operations

This is our core service where we act as your back office. We give complete support with regards to research and verification, analysis of various carriers and finally giving you the quote for your client. This service is offered through our product We are also having certified resource tool for agency management system like Hawksoft.

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Operation Optimization - Consultancy

Agencies fret a lot over establishing a process that gives them optimum output. Set processes are then never looked at again. The fact is your processes might lose relevance with time.

Agency Website

Your website is your web identity. It is your face on the cyber world and you find new clients through it. We rebrand, redefine and represent you to newer and better business avenues.

Marketing Tool

Marketing very important for any Business. We provide you opportunities to reach out to the right audience with your service by various methods & channels, social media, direct mail, etc. It is very well known fact that the better you know your customer, the brighter are your chances to have a lucrative interaction.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all consultants are enabled to work from home with a secured VPN connection to company's network on company provided laptop/desktop. The company network is controlled using state of the art Firewall (Cisco Standard) which ensures the data security.
All sensitive data is accessed/stored on agent's remote computer. It can be accessed only using dedicated account for Agency Management System software, so access activity is logged in this software. platform is hosted and maintained in secured data center in USA.
Quoting, creating applications and different types of Reports with policy activities & customer retention, policy changes.
Tasks such as quoting, creating applications are time consuming and tedious. You can save a lot of your time by outsourcing it to We have highly trained team with years of experience for all Insurance processes, capable of handling all such back office tasks with little or no involvement from agent. This allows the agent to focus their time & energy towards sales & growth of their agency.
Office Hours: 8AM to 5PM CST.

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